Revell MiG-29 UB/GT twinseater Plastic Kit

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Revell MiG-29 UB/GT twinseater Plastic Kit
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Revell MiG-29 UB/GT twinseater Plastic Kit

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Revell MiG-29 UB/GT twinseater Plastic Kit

The MiG-29 is one of the best multi-role combat aircraft ever built in the Soviet Union. In terms of time-to-climb, agility and handling, this agile air superiority fighter is certainly equal to its western counterparts and in terms of manoeuvrability and overall flight performance superior to most other fighters. The MiG-29 UB is the two-seater trainer version. Development of the MiG 29 began in 1973. On 6th October 1977 it undertook its maiden flight. With the reunification of the two Germany's in 1990, the air force of the NVA (Peoples National Army) was disbanded and partially incorporated into the Air Force of the Federal Republic of Germany. A total of 20 MiG 29A and four two-seater MiG 29UB-Standard were acquired from the inventory of the NVA. After lengthy discussion it was decided to establish a Fighter Unit equipped with the MiG 29 within the "Luftwaffe". This became the 2nd Squadron of the 73rd Fighter Wing "General Steinhoff" stationed in Laage. Its positive thrust-to-weight ratio enabled the MiG-29 to climb vertically. The two Tumanski R-33D engines each produce 81.4 KN of thrust with afterburner engaged, producing a maximum speed of Mach 2.3 at an altitude of11,000 m (36080 ft). About 400 MiG-29's in various versions are still in use in the Russian Air Force today. A large number of these aircraft have in recent years been given an uprated performance incorporating previous mission experience. After 30 years it is still being mass produced.

Additional Information

Skill Level5

Finely detailed and textured surfaces with recessed panel joints
- Antennae on the Fins
- Fully detailed tandem cockpit with two ejection seats
- Detailed instrument panels
- Infra-red sensor forward of the cockpit
- detailed nose landing gear
- Landing Lamps
- Undercarriage may be assembled retracted or extended
- Inlet flaps in the air intakes
- Two detailed engines
- External load pylons for: 2 x Alamo Guided Weapons
- 4 x Aphid Guided Weapons
- 2 Archer Guided Weapons

Decals including registration and servicing guides for the Russian Air Force version and German Air Force version:
- Mikoyan MiG 29UB of 120. IAP; Domna Air Base; Chitah, Siberia (Transbaikalian Defence District), Summer 2003
- MiG 29GT of JG 3, German Air Force, Preschen, Neiße-Malxetal, Brandenburg, Germany Oktober 1990

Colors: 5 9 15 47 56 57 76 79 90 91 93 99 014 301 302 330 364 371 374 378

Recommended Age8+