Stocking Fillers Top 8


This Christmas season, ID Models have set up a special area of our website full to the brim of those small and perfect gifts that it always seems so hard to find.

We're already taking orders for Christmas so make sure to get organised and avoid disappointment. And remember - all prices include shipping throughout the island of Ireland.

These aren’t my personal favourites at all…honest! 10 is such an overdone number, isn’t it?

·         Tornado IDS MiniKit

At 2.95, this is the lowest priced stocking filler on our list. Specs: Code - REV06708. Scale - 1:225. Brand - Revell.

What can I say, it looks mighty cool. The Panavia Tornado is a family of twin-engine, variable-sweep wing combat aircraft, which was jointly developed and manufactured by the United Kingdom, West Germany and Italy.

·         Lotus Esprit Underwater

€4.95. Specs: Code - TY95702. Brand - Corgi. Recommended ages 6+. Call me nostalgic. This model featured in the Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me, (1977).

·         Dig & Discover - Authentic Marine Fossils

€6.95. Specs: Code - GEOED359K. Brand - Geoworld. Geoworld Eduproducts is the line of educational toys which takes inspiration from the themes of nature and the past. All the products are complemented by in-depth material.

·         Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Starfighter

€7.95. Specs: Code - REV06720. Brand - Revell. From the Star Wars universe. Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, flew this Asthersprite-class Starfighter during the Clone Wars, when he led the Republic navy.

·         Diecast Models of Ireland - Irish Tractor

€9.95. Specs: Code - 76710ID. Brand - Diecast Models Of Ireland

·         Dump Truck 1:87 Diecast Model

€13.00. Specs: Code - OXFA40D. Scale - 1:87. Brand - Cararama.

·         Cave Bear Skeleton Excavation Kit

€12.95. Specs: Code - GEOCL137K. Brand - Geoworld. Like the Authentic Marine Fossils above, the cave bear is made by Geoworld Eduproducts. The cave bear was a kind of bear that lived in Europe, and became extinct about 27,500 years ago.

·         BAE Hawk Red Arrows, with new tooling

Was €18.95 NOW €16.95. Specs: Code - CC99301. Scale - 1:72. Brand - Corgi. The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, advanced jet trainer aircraft. Operators of the Hawk include the UK’s Royal Air Force as well as a number of other military operators. The Hawk is currently still in production.