Christmas does a strange thing to the idea of time you have in your head, doesn’t it? You think, ah sure yeah, it’s the 11th, still ages ‘til Christmas, still loads of time, I don’t need to panic just yet about the shopping (that’s what Christmas Eve is for)…but actually, it’s less than two weeks away.


Yep that’s right - this day two weeks, Christmas Day was yesterday. Right at this exact time on this day in two weeks, we’ll all be lying on our couches watching Star Wars and eating selection boxes right now … or anything else people do on Stephen’s Day that doesn’t involve Star Wars.


So, to get you organised, we have all the postal dates you’d ever need. At least now you can plan a bit (if, like me, you haven’t started yet).


I’m going to put the important ones in really bold writing so you know they’re important:


Our last shipping date for the island of Ireland is Thursday, December 20th. The last order date is Wednesday 19th of December – rather safe than sorry.

Our last shipping date for the UK is the 19th of December.

Finally, if anybody out there is planning on buying me a present, I really like the CMC DIECAST Ferrari 250 California SWB. It’s retro, it’s black, the seats are real red leather, and the scale is 1:18. The code is M094. A real, full-size one would be just as good.

There’s no excuse for you now.

I’ve even put a price reduction on it to help you out. See? I’m not that hard to buy for after all.


Happy Wednesday!