We have been selling models on and off for over 20 years so at this stage I feel I have seen everything, it’s hard to release something that has a big impact but these kinds of models do come along every now and then.

Last February at the Nuremberg Toy Fair we found a range of Models called Frontiart, at first they seem just like any other manufacturer form China but in reality they are not! It is the first time in a few years (maybe since CMC) that I saw a range of 1/18 models and had to have them on the site.

Frontiart say their models are closer to a piece of art rather than a collectable model, this sounds a, little bit pompous until you get one of them into your hands. The quality of the mould, quality of the paint, choice of models and detailed finish has to be seen to be believed.

They are not cheap models but we feel the price reflects the quality, we don't stock items that are not up to quality.

 For our first order we have 6 different 1/18 models coming in, a model from each price point.


Audi R8 ST 1/18

Frintiart Audi R8

Aston Martin One 77 1/18

KOENIGSEGG - AGERA R 2011 Shiny Carbon 1/18