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We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking the Guillow’s Balsa planes range. We have 10 different types in stock with more to come.


Guillow’s balsa planes are laser cut balsa kits which when complete make a great looking model plane that can fly. You can either use the rubber band (included) or upgrade the mode to a motor for flying.


There are several different series depending on how hard and what kind of plane you want.


SERIES 200 - 80 years ago, these WWI fighters were engaged in thrilling dogfights over the Western front. Today they have a heroic niche in aviation history that has not or ever will diminish with time. Magnificent war birds of the 1914 - 1918 era. Fighters made famous by World War 1 aces like Bishop, Richthofen and Guynemer. The last word in scale realism for the super detail fan and a flying aircraft for those who build and fly. Fly with included rubber power motor or convert to electric or gas engine. These balsa airplane kits contain Laser cut balsa parts, scale WWI plastic wheels, full set of decals and vacuum formed plastic parts.


SERIES 300 - These popular private planes are still in use today by many private pilots. Whether built for scale or contest flying, the balsa wood airplanes in this series represent the finest in design and flight capability. Each can be flown using either the rubber motor included in the kit or converted to gas engine or electric motor (instructions for using electric power supplied in kits). 

 Guillows Balsa Plane 302

SERIES 400 - World War II models for rubber power, U-Control and free flight. The ultimate in scale design and construction. From the extra special instruction sheets and plans to the well laser cut balsa parts sheets, these balsa wood airplane kits truly represent the last word for those seeking the unusual in value, quality and completeness. For ages 12 and up.

 Guillows Balsa Planes 400

SERIES 500 - Our most popular kit series (16½" wing span). These easy building balsa airplane kits contain die-cut balsa parts, plastic cowls and canopies, decals, plastic prop, wheels, tissue and a 24-page model building booklet. For ages 10 and up.  Approx 1/30 scale.

Guillows Blasa Planes 500


SERIES 600 - Build by number models - ideal for individual use or for group model building such as in a school class. Each balsa airplane kit contains the right combination of building material and "power package" to assemble an attractive model with good flying ability. For ages 10 and up.



SERIES 700 - he Arrow and Fairchild are easy to assemble "Build-by-Number" model kits.  These planes build light and are great flyers!

Guillows Blasa Planes


SERIES 800 - Beautiful large scale balsa models, from the famous Stearman PT-17 trainer to the history making Spirit of St. Louis. Our latest release, the DC-3, can also be built as a C-47 and decals & instructions to build either model are included. Each model is a small but faithful replica of an airplane widely known for deeds in wartime or, like the Cessna Skyhawk, for its present day popularity. Here is model building worthy of the time and effort, you would be hard pressed to find a finer kit available. Scale models as only Guillow makes them, kits contain the best quality materials and instructions that have made Guillow kits the "Best in Balsa".


SERIES 900 - Sleek rubber powered models of WWII fighters for indoor or outdoor flying. Built light, they are great flyers with ample wing areas and effective rubber motor/propeller combinations. Kits contain top quality balsa, plastic nose cowls, canopies and decals.

Guillows Balsa Plane



To complete the model you will need.


Balsa Glue We stock Humbrol balsa Glue, you will also need standard glue.


Standard Glue - (for any plastic) Revell


White Glue – For bonding tissue (coming soon into stock) any PVa glue will do. This can also be watered down and used instead of Dope to seal the plane.


Dope This will seal the paper and make it ready for painting. Check out this video for full instructions on how to use it.


Sharp Cutting blade The balsa parts are laser cut but are held onto the stencils by small tabs which need to be cut. We stock a large range of blades suitable for the job.


Sandpaper – Any fine sand paper will do.


Paints We have all the paints you will need, click HERE to see our full range.


This is one part of making these balsa planes that may be a little tricky, I have copied the guide from guillow’s to give you a helping hand.


How do I tissue cover a model?

To cover with tissue provided in kit ... I use a 50/50 % mixture of White Glue and water to adhere the tissue onto the framework !!!!

Sand framework VERY WELL !!!

Mix your "glue mixture" - 50% water and 50% White glue

Cut a piece of tissue a bit oversized for the piece you are covering (lets say the rudder in this case)

Paint some glue mixture down around the perimeter of the rudder structure

Lay your tissue down and smooth it out as much as you can by pulling a bit and smoothing with your fingers

Paint ANOTHER coat of glue mixture THRU the tissue (around the perimeter) to assure a good bond

Let glue dry and then trim off excess tissue with sharp razor blade.

repeat for other side of rudder . . . overlapping tissue slightly !

When the part is all done, dry and trimmed, you can mount it on your plane.

There is a great FAQ section on Guillow's website where all you building questions will be answered click HERE.