ID Models - 10 Christmas gift Ideas for 2014

  1. Gift Voucher


The ideal gift for the person who is impossible to buy for but always knows what they want! With an ID Models gift voucher you have no time limit on when you have to use it (a simple extension request will add another 12 months) it can be used on the website, in the warehouse or over the phone. Vouchers start at only €10.00.

  1. Motormax


Motormax is our best value range of 1/18 and 1/24 diecast models. They start at €14.95 and go up to €34.95. The American Classics are the most popular; each model has opening doors and bonnet, lots of chrome parts and a display base. If American classics are not your thing Motormax also do beautiful modern classics like the BMW M3 and Lamborghini Aventador. 



For as long as I can remember a plastic model kit such as Airfix has been a hugely popular gift at Christmas. Even in this day and age of computers and technology there is still a place for the traditional style toys. Complete kits (including glue and paint) start at only €8.95. So if you are looking to keep anybody away form the TV or computer for a few hours over the holidays, a model kit is the perfect gift.




Geoworld are an educational range of paleontology and archaeology based toys that will amaze any young ‘wanna be’ Indiana Jones. The dig & discover range is the most popular, discover the treasures within the pyrite block, then learn about your discovery with the booklet provided.

There is a big range of products to choose form, weather your interest is Dinosaur bones or real fossils and gem stones, there always something to capture the imagination.



  1. Nanoblock


The world’s smallest building blocks! With such tiny blocks you can build very detailed models, everything from the Taj Mahal to a  cute little frog. Either build and display the model or leave it up to your imagination and build anything you want, there are lots of ideas on Youtube of things to build. 



By far the best new product for ID Models in 2014, the detail and accuracy in each model has to be seen to be believed. Whether you want to build a windmill or a star wars AT-AT there are plenty of different items to choose from. I recommend starting off with something simple (single sheet model like the Eifel tower) and build up to Capitol Hill or Sydney Opera House. There is no gluing or soldering, we recommend a tweezers to make it easier.

Once finished Metal Earth models make really spectucalar display pieces. We recommend 12+ but anybody can build them with a bit of help.  




New to us this year is the Tamiya RC Range, a cut above what we have done before but still great for anybody who is getting in RC or RC racing. Buy the Combo deals to ensure that you have everything you need to start racing. Have a look at our previous Blog post on ‘What’s in the box’ to get a better idea of what is involved in building an RC Kit.



CMC are the ultimate collectable display model, each model is had built and can contain up to 1500 individual pieces. They make the perfect gift for the person who is impossible to buy for but would appreciate the detail and engineering that goes into building one of these beautiful collectors’ items.




Tronico are a range of construction, farm and aviation metal kits that bold together (very like meccano) to create either beautiful display models or in the casr of the RC kits something to play with! Each model comes with all the tools needed and with new improved colour coded instructions building one of these is challaging but a great pleasure.  




We all have a favourite TV show or movie that we have watched a hundred times but still look forward to seeing it again, with our range of TV & Movie models you can now have a permanent reminder of that show or Movie. Browse or TV & Film section to see if there is anything that would suit, the A-Team and Ghostbusters are still the most popular.