I thought we’d wait a while after Skyfall was released because I figured everybody would probably be a bit sick of the Bondmania going on. Even last night on the Variety Show (not that I was watching it or anything *cough*) there was Bond all over the place and I admit it was getting a little tiring.

That being said, I mean, I really do like Bond. I watched the films growing up and it’s something that’s always stuck with me. I have a fondness for some of the older cars & vehicles that seem a bit OTT now, but what can you do. You have to love the ridiculousness, right?

We have some of my soft spot favourites from the Bond collection in stock, and I’m never really sure if they’re for my own enjoyment or for you to check out.

I think a shout out is needed especially to Little Nellie, a fiercely armed gyrocopter that featured back in the day in You Only Live Twice.

There’s this fantastic scene where they build her really fast out of a box, but the only clip I could find on online was of the gyrocopter in action, which is still pretty cool.

We have her in stock as a Fit the Box (4”) diecast model (Code:TY95126), and she’s part of Corgi’s James Bond range.

Bond models that we have in stock reach from the Aston Martin DB5 (Code: TY95302. Corgi again) as featured in Goldfinger all the way up to Skyfall itself, with both the Merlin AW 101 Helicopter (1:100, Diecast. Code: IT48182) and the Agusta Westland AW101 helicopter kit (1:72, Diecast. Code:  IT1332); both models are available on pre-order only (!), and are by Italeri (so you know they’re awesome and lovingly detailed).

I’ve listed our other Bond models below. Would you be getting nostalgic about any of them yourself?

Lotus Esprit Underwater. Code: TY95702. Price: €4.95

James Bond Gift Set (Daniel Craig). Code: CC93983. Price: €39.95

Aston Martin Vanquish. Code: TY95202. Price: €4.95

Jaguar XKR. Code - TY95401. Price: €4.95

Rolls Royce. Code - TY95609. Price: €4.95

Space Shuttle. Code: TY95802. Price: €4.95