Getting Ready To Make Models


You’ve just been bitten by the modelling bug. You’re buying magazines, reading forums, looking at inspirational paintjobs, and are ready and raring to go.


How Do You Start?


First, make sure your model is clean. Sometimes it can be dusty or smudged with oil from your skin or even mould marks from the moulding process. Your paintjob can be the best in the world only to be let down by these little details. I’d advise cleaning these parts with warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse it properly! You’ll also have to leave the model to dry naturally because if you use a towel, your model could get covered with fluff, which is a disaster (trust me). Protip: hairdryers (on low settings!) = good.


What Do You Do When You Stop?


One of our big bugbears as modellers and ID Models staff happens when a model is left to dry, paint all perfect…only to have dust settle on it while it’s set out and drying. Some people fashion little tents made out of clingfilm to keep the dust off, and then put it somewhere safe to dry, like up on a bookcase or something. Don’t leave your model where children or pets can get at it, and don’t leave it in the open air!

Do you have any tips to share?