Nasty, Nasty Mold Lines


I’m not talking about the kind of mold in blue cheese, I’m talking about the kinds that stick to your plastic models and wreck your head. There’s some different ways of removing these lines from plastic miniatures and even other different ways to remove them from metal miniatures. Protip: don’t wait to remove mold lines until you’ve painted your model because that would be A Very Silly Thing To Do.

Plastic Models

  • Tools needed: a craft knife (, a dustpan and brush (to clean up), and, ideally, a magnifying glass ( to better see what you’re doing (scale models are small, after all)
  • Find the mold line. It will run in a continuous, irritating ridge around the model
  • Pointing the blade of the craft knife away from you at about a 45 degree angle, begin to shave off the mold line. The keyword in that sentence, by the way, was ‘shave’. Nowhere did it say ‘hack’


Metal Miniatures and Mold Lines

  • Tools needed: a metal file, a pair of model clippers, a dustpan and brush (again, for cleaning up), and, again, ideally a magnifying glass ( to make sure you haven’t missed any bits
  • Find that nasty irritating mold line
  • Clip off any metal tags or overhang. Protip: don’t clip off bits of the model
  • Gently run the metal file along the mold line to smooth it out. Operative word: gently


Did we miss anything? Do you have any personal tips or tricks you’d like to share?