Murphy Model Trains!

I’m sure you probably know by now that the latest releases from Murphy Model Locos pulled into the ID Models station (see what I did there) at the end of October. We were looking forward to getting our hands on these beauties for ages, and it was well worth the wait.

What We Have

In our first batch we received

  • the Irish Class 071/111 diesel locomotive CIE Supertrain livery (code MM0071)
  • the Iarnród Éireann Silver and Black Freight Livery (code MM082)
  • the Class 071/111 diesel locomotive in NIR blue livery (as on loan to IE) (code MM0112), which is pictured here.

I know that shops and salespeople all over the world use every tactic under the sun to try to get you to buy stuff, and of course we’d never use any of these cheap sales tactics. However, in all seriousness, these trains will go up in price because they’re only available from the manufacturer on a limited run anyways.

Why we’re stocking them below the RRP

So at the moment, the full RRP is 174.95, and we’re selling them at 158.95. We received a bit of a discount for ordering early, which was fantastic, so we figured we’d share the love.

So, when the first batch sells out, the price will go up.

From You to You

So, they’re available in our online shop in the Murphy Models section, and its first come first served!

They make a very classy, special Christmas gift…from you to you.

All the best