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Top 5 Traits Every Model-Making Space Should Have

Sometimes there are features with top model-makers in magazines or online and their workspaces look fantastic, all light and air and space, space, space. They have fancy paintbrush racks and tool trays and everything.

These are all fine if you’re a top model-maker yourself or a hardcore enthusiast, but if you have a setup like that as a beginner, you won’t really notice how great it can be. Also, when you’re starting, space and kit like that cost money, which seems to be in short supply these days! Hint: check out the ID Models shop ( so that we can make amazing modeling spaces of our own.

Top 5 Must-Haves for Model-Making Workspaces

  1. 1.    Tools. ( Obviously these are essential but there might be ones that you’ve overlooked. Have you thought about needles or pins for cleaning paint out from recesses in the model? What about bits of wire for customization? Check out our tools and paint section ( for more ideas
  2. 2.    Worktable. You might think this is an obvious one but there are qualities in some worktables that make them better than other kinds. You want as much space as you can get. Preferably the table will have a lip of some kind around it (protip: make one with modeling clay) so that bits don’t roll off when you least expect them. Your cutting mat should be in a different section to the other sections of the desk. We’re not saying be excessively organized, but be ready
  3. 3.    Storage. You might not think it but storage, if it’s not done right, can take up a lot of room. There’s a good bit of equipment, after all – paint brushes, brush soap, thinner, sandpaper…paints, though, are the main ones that take up an awful lot of space. Check out ( the storage solutions we have on offer for model-makers
  4. 4.    Freedom from the Housemates. Housemates, family, pets, no matter what you call them, not everyone has the luxury of being able to live alone. Even with that, greasy cooking smoke, dust, bits of thread or fluff or God-knows-what in the air, all of these are very capable of sticking to freshly-painted Diecast models that cost you a lot of money (trust me). Try to find somewhere that’s closed off from the general living areas
  5. 5.    Last but not least: Health and Safety. By health and safety, we mean a comfortable chair (in case you get really absorbed in what you’re doing) and, ideally, a magnifying glass to save your eyes. We have a heavy-duty one with extra accessories that will make your lives so much easier and improve your painting no end (


Your turn. What’s your workspace like?