Best Paints for Weathering a Model

Following on from our post about how to weather models, we now give you the best paints to do so.

Texture Paints

Texturing is fun. The paints, naturally enough, have a different texture to other paints, which is something I’ve always loved. While we do have an entire texture paint section at your disposal (, I can recommend two straight off the bat to set you up:


Weathering Paint Sets

Having a palette that fits together on a model is important, because painting models is like any other form of painting, and colour is obviously important. You always want to strike the right note. We have two weather palettes for you to eye up, which will ensure that all your colours are just right:


Single Colour Paint Options

Obviously, there is a vast range of single paints on offer, everything from matt white spray paints ( to dirty black acrylics (

Go forth!